Our Mission

           As a member of the food and vegetable processing industries where meeting customer’s requirements and demand on food safety and providing delicious and healthy foods with higher and higher standards are priority tasks throughout the operation, our mission is to bring our consumers better safe feeling, benefits, and satisfaction. 


Our Vision

           Diversify categories of seafood and vegetable products with rich nutrition; enrich the savor of life; contribute to bring consumers more differentials of enjoyment and delicateness.




Our Slogan






Our core values


Quality, Responsibility, Morality, Sharing

Quality: always aware that food safety and product quality improvement are our first priorities.
Responsibility: always place an importance on enhancing the awareness of internal responsibility, responsibilities with customers, community and society, and respect sustainable development
Morality: always follow ethical standards, codes of conduct as well as strictly comply with applicable laws.
Sharing: always care about our employees, and consider partners as our companion for sharing and mutual growing.



Our Strategy

       Enhance the initiative in getting supply of safe raw material; define strategic products in each operation period, and improve infrastructure for the best serving to the production of these products based on market’s demand and the company’s and local strengths; take food safety to be a primary criterion to guide all other activities; take product quality to be the highest criterion for efforts to enhance customer’s trust in our brand and to increase competitive ability in all active markets focusing on high-class distribution channels; develop stronger policies to retain and attract qualified employees and encourage them to work harder.


Our Goals

  • Strategic goals: contribute significantly to the value chain creating a source of delicious and healthy foods; stimulate relevant elements such as farming, harvesting, post-harvest preservation, and servicing, etc. by creating jobs and increasing social wealth; maintain brand reputation, product quality, and expand production in both width and depth; diversify product category with competitive price.
    Specific targets:
    * Become a reliable and favorite address of consumers.
    * Secure and develop the company capital on the basis of achieving 4% profit margin.
    * Annually achieve average 10% growth.
    * Being listed in top 3 of the biggest shrimp exporters in Vietnam.










  • Color: Blue associates with water which relates to the industry we are involved in.
    Composition: a square harmonizes with a circle. Square and circle are symbols of earth and heaven or opposites. It means that our operation agrees nature rules, and we always seek for sustainability, goodness, and everlasting.