In order to make good preparations of raw material areas for the vegetable factory of Sao Ta Foods Joint Stock Company (FIMEX VN) and help to enhance the techniques on agricultural product cultivation for the farmers in Soc Trang province, in warm atmosphere and evenful day of October 21, 2008, Sao Ta Foods Joint Stock Company has co-ordinated with Soc Trang Agriculture and Rural Development Department (STARDD) to organize a seminar “TECHNIQUES FOR PRODUCING SAFE AGRICULTURAL PRODUCTS

Participants consists of :
1)     Representatives (Managers and specialists) of STARDD and speakers who are doctors, masters and engineers in major of cultivation;
2)     The Company’s directors;
3)     Representatives of Toyota Tsusho Corporation (TTC) who is the Company’s buyer;
4)     Representatives from Vietnam Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development- Soc Trang branch;
5)     Secretaries, Chairmen, Deputy Chairmen from districts of Soc Trang province;
6)     And about 100 famers from the districts of Soc Trang province.
The seminar has lasted for half day (in the morning) and speakers has reported, presented and shared their experiences on techniques for producing safe agricultural products, mainly focused on cultivation of sweet potato, okra, eggplant…. Leaders from the districts also presented the advantages of their locals, gave questions and experiences from famers. And these questions has been answered satisfactorily by speakers and directors of the Company.
Simultaneously, the Company also displayed to roughly introduce some potential agricultural products in the meeting hall such as sweet potato, okra, eggplant, ginger, pumpkin, mango (Japanese seeds)… which have been preferred by customers as TTC representative’s statement and they have concluded a contract of over 1,000 tons of final products with verious kinds and the first two shipments which are processed at FimexVN’s factory whereas vegetable factory construction hasn’t completed  will be exported to Japan at beginning of November, 2008.  
According to the comments from Mr. Ho Quang Cua, Deputy Director of Soc Trang Agriculture and Rural Development Department, this seminar is the first one on agricultural products which aims to introduce and launch a movement of agricultural product cultivation in order to promove the advantages of the local.    
 Through this seminar, FIMEX VN has been unanimously supported in developing cultivation area in locals of Soc Trang to provide raw material for FimexVN’s vegetable factory by provincial authorized agencies, leaders of districts and Vietnam Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development.
In Company’s side, it will directly invest to farmers in seeds and the amount of VND 5 million/ha. Simultaneously, Vietnam Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development will invest additional VND 5 million/ha to farmers who sign contracts with FIMEX VN. This is a happy signal for the famers and brings benefits for developing agricultural products of the province.
This is the first seminar of agricutural products in Soc Trang province which creates a premise for enlarging the scale of producing, processing agricultural products to diversify the Company’s products. Upon vegetable processing factory officially coming into operation in mid of November, 2008 and with the Company’s policy and strategy of development, the farmers will be secured in consumption and output of raw material.

          Some photoes of the seminar :

1HQ Cua - PGDSNN phat bieu Khai mac

Engineer Ho Quang Cua, Deputy Director of Soc Trang Agriculture and Rural Development
 is introducing the contents and programs of the seminar

2Ba Duong Ngoc Kim tra loi thac mac cua Nong dan

Mrs Duong Ngoc Kim- General Director of Sao Ta Foods Joint Stock Company
is discussing on the Company’s Policy, strategy of development with farmers

3Khach hang Shirai - Toyoya Tshuso phat bieu

Mr Isao Shirai – Project Director of Toyota Tsusho Corporation
( FIMEX VN’s customer) is expressing opinions at the seminar

4Cac dien gia tai Hoi thao

Speakers are discussing with farmers at the seminar

5Xem San pham tu Khoai va Dau bap

Participants are taking a look at products of Sweet Potato, Okra…

6Quang canh hoi thao

General view of the seminar